Eurolines Switzerland

Eurolines is comprised of over 30 independent coach companies joined together into Europe’s largest coach line network. This network connects over 500 destinations, covering the entire continent, including Morocco. Eurolines allows not only travel from Sicily to Helsinki but also from Casablanca to Moscow.

Eurolines members offer the most competitive fares with no hidden extras. Sea crossings, travel taxes and road tolls are all included in the price. There is no need to pay expensive transfer taxes as Eurolines takes you to the heart of the cities.

All Eurolines members are pledged to offer high quality standards such as: ABS, radio, air conditioning, TV, WC, etc. All passengers, no matter which line they are choosing, enjoy the same quality of service and assistance.

Nothing is more important than the safety and comfort of our passengers. Therefore, all Eurolines members use modern coaches with adjustable seats, large panorama windows, washroom facilities and ample legroom.

Smoking is prohibited on all our coaches.

With the largest network and fleet of coaches, Eurolines is Europe’s biggest scheduled coach operator service.


ALSA+EGGMANN is a strategic alliance between the companies ALSA Autotourisme Léman inc. and Eurolines Eggmann Frey inc. and was founded in 2003.

ALSA+EGGMANN includes 7 departure cities in Switzerland and serves 319 cities in 14 different countries. We not only offer our passengers a large international bus line network, but also charter flights to Spain and Portugal as well as a ferry service that serves the Mediterranean zone, Canary Islands and the Balearics. (ALSA+EGGMANN is the exclusive representative of Transmediterranea in Switzerland).

ALSA+EGGMANN offers its unprecedented first-class services in Switzerland where it is considered the market leader in the international bus line sector. We guarantee your safety and comfort and offer you identical high quality services on all our lines.

We thank you for visiting our website and wish you a pleasant journey with our modern coaches.

History of ALSA Autotourisme Léman inc. and Eggmann Frey inc.

The company ALSA Autotourisme Léman inc. opened its first travel agency at the beginning of the 80s in Zurich. Its main activity was the operation of regular international bus lines. Thanks to its great success, the company was able to continually extend its offering and to improve the quality of its services. Later, ALSA Autotourisme Léman inc. opened further agencies in Geneva, Lausanne and Basel.

ALSA Autotourisme Léman inc. belongs to the Spanish undertaking Alsa & Enatcar and is currently the European leader in passenger transport with coaches.

The family enterprise Eggmann Frey inc. was founded in 1928 and is based in Basel and Baettwil in the canton Solothurn. Eggmann Frey inc. has developed an important bus line network over the years and became specialist in the Switzerland – Central and Eastern Europe line.

Eggmann Frey inc. is the only representative of Eurolines in Switzerland and has become the main service provider in the Swiss German part in this domain. Since its alliance with ALSA Autotourisme Léman inc. it has its headquarters in Geneva.