Baggage information

Do I have to pay for my baggage?

The cost per piece of luggage depends on the carrier. Please consult our baggage price list, included in our timetable booklet under “baggage policy” for each line on our website or ask your travel agent.

Is there a size and quantity limitation?

Our size and quantity limitations depend on the carrier. Please consult our “baggage policy” for each line, included in our timetable booklet on our website or ask your travel agent. The bus driver is only obliged to carry excess baggage if there is enough space available.

What type of luggage is allowed?

Suitcase, backpack and any other piece of luggage that closes properly and adheres to our baggage policy are allowed. Luggage wrapped in cardboard or in cardboard boxes isn’t allowed.

Can all passengers carry a piece of hand baggage?

Each passenger is allowed to carry a piece of hand baggage, which has to be stored under the seat or in the overhead compartment during the trip.

Prohibited articles in baggage

Inflammable items, weapons, ammunition, fireworks, oil or wine containers and other dangerous items are prohibited.

Do we carry bicycles?

None of the ALSA+EGGMANN coaches carry bicycles.

Baggage allowance harmonisation
Adult (26-60+)

Hold Free Luggage Allowance
Number of free luggage items = 2
Height 70cm + Length 80cm + Width cm = 170cm
Maximum combined weight of luggage = 40kg

Child/Youth (4-25)

Free Luggage Allowance (same as adult)

Infant (0-3)

Free Luggage Allowance (no entitlement)

Baggage Hangling Charges
Hand luggage1 bag free hand luggage per adult or child (not infant) providing item can be stored in overhead rack or under seat

Whilst Eurolines does not charge for baggage handling, some coach stations (privately or publically owned) on the network may levy a small charge on embarkation per baggage item. These are the embarkation points lines (Switzerland-Croatia-Switzerland Chf 4.- per baggage), (Switzerland-Macedonia-Switzerland Chf 3.- per baggage), (Switzerland-Romania-Switzerland Chf 5.- per baggage), (Switzerland-Serbia-Switzerland Chf 5.- per baggage).

Excess & additional baggage charges

Maximum excess baggage limits and charges vary according to route. Detailed below are the maximum additional baggage allowance and excess charges when embarking in (Switzerland–Romania-Switzerland from Chf 10.- the second baggage, the third baggage Chf 1,50 per kilo, if space available)