General Information


ALSA+EGGMANN is a strategic alliance between the companies ALSA Autotourisme Léman inc. and Eurolines Eggmann Frey inc.

Where does ALSA+EGGMANN travel?

ALSA+EGGMANN’s coach network covers the following countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia and ex Yugoslavia.

How are the buses equipped?

All our buses are equipped with comfortable, adjustable seats and a lot of legroom. An aeration nozzle and a reading lamp are installed above each seat.

All our buses are equipped with climate control, an on-board rest room, enough storage room for your baggage and also have audio/video equipment for your entertainment during the trip.

Do the buses make stops?

Most buses make intermediate stops en route to pick up additional passengers. In addition to stops en route, buses make 30 minutes rest stops once every four to five hours.

Where to get our timetable booklet?

You can order our timetable booklet either on our website, by phone with our booking service 0900 573 747 (CHF 1.49/min.), or you can simply consult it online or get it at one of our sales points.

Do we offer fare reductions?

We offer fare reductions to children, teenagers, seniors and groups. The reductions depend on the bus line you choose.

Do we have special deals for frequent travellers?

If you buy 10 tickets in the same year for the same route at the same fare and issued to same name, you will get your 11th ticket for free.

To receive your free ticket, you have to keep the receipts of the 10 previously bought tickets and send them all together to the following address:
Postfach 1064
1211 Geneva 1

Can a passenger get excluded from the trip?

We do not carry unaccompanied minors under the age of 16. Passengers who show unruly or disruptive behaviour and/or are wearing dirty or indecent clothing, which may offend or shock other passengers are excluded from the trip. If unruly behaviour only occurs during the ride, the responsible passenger can be immediately expelled from the trip.

Do our buses depart and arrive on time?

The schedule of our departure and arrival times is always kept. However, delays can be caused by acts of God or other circumstances for which the bus driver can’t be held responsible (i.e. traffic jams, road blocks etc).

How to book or buy tickets?

You can book your ticket on our website, over the phone (0900 573 747 – CHF 1.49/min.) or in one of our travel agencies. We kindly remind you that your booking and your seat are only confirmed once you have purchased your ticket.

Can I book a particular seat?

Particular seats can only be booked in advance for certain lines. Normally, seats are only attributed at the check-in or when boarding.

Is smoking and consuming alcohol and drugs allowed on board?

Smoking as well as consuming drugs and alcohol on board is prohibited.

Do we serve meals during the trip?

A meal service is only offered on certain lines. Normally, our buses make rest stops in order to eat.

Is food and beverage allowed on board?

Soft drinks are allowed on board. You can either bring your own soft drinks or buy them on most of our buses. Food is prohibited on all our buses.

Is it allowed to use electronic devices on board?

Electronic devices such as radios, smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and electronic games can be used during the trip as long as no other passenger is disturbed. Any device with audio can only be used with headphones.

Do we distribute pillows and blankets during night rides?

No, we don’t but you can bring your own pillow and blanket in your hand baggage. Some of our coaches are equipped with reclining seats (supplement) for certain lines only.

If this option is available, it will be proposed to you while booking online or your travel agency will inform you about it.

Do we show movies?

If there isn’t any technical problem, movies are shown in the language of the city of departure or very rarely in the language of the destination.

Pets policy

Dogs, cats, birds or other animals will not be transported on our buses, either on-board or within baggage. Exception: A service animal, trained for the purpose of accompanying a disabled person, will be permitted to travel with the disabled person (please contact us in advance).