Safety and Ecology

Are coaches a safe means of transport?

All our coaches correspond to the safety regulations of the International Road Transport Union (IRU), the strictest in this domain. Servicing and safety checks are undertaken regularly. Our modern buses are always upgraded to the current state of safety engineering and are replaced with the most recent models.Coaches are amongst the safest means of transport. The accident risk is approximately 77 x lower with a bus than with a personal vehicle.

Are coaches an ecological means of transport?

The per capita fuel consumption of a bus with 50 passengers is only approx. 0.6 litres per 100km. Personal vehicles and airplanes consume approx. four times as much. A bus of 12 m length is statistically equal to a line of 35 cars and saves 252 litres on fuel per 100km. In general, a bus causes 5 x less environmental pollution than a personal vehicle and takes up 6 x less space on the road.

Only riding a bike or walking is ecologically friendlier.