General Conditions of Transport

1. Subject-Matter
The following contractual conditions concern the legal relations between you, hereinafter the passenger, and us, the company Autotourisme Léman Sa, with its head office in Geneva, hereinafter ALSA and the company Eggmann Frey AG, with its head office in Geneva, hereinafter Eggmann.

The passenger submits to the “General Transport Conditions (GTC)” reproduced below. In the case of incompatibility of one of the provisions indicated hereinafter with the compelling provisions of the law applicable in the Transport Contract, it is the latter that take precedence.

2. Transport Ticket
The transport ticket materialises the transport contract between the carrier and the passenger, it gives access to the coach. The ticket is in the passenger’s name and cannot be transferred to a third party. The ticket with no cover page or not bearing the Agency’s stamp with the date of issue is not valid. Its period of validity starts on its issue date and is fixed at six months. If the validity of the transport ticket is less than this, it is specified on the ticket. The ticket must be kept by the passenger and presented upon request by any Ticket Inspector. Any person travelling without a ticket for reason of loss or theft is required to buy a new ticket.

3. Boarding
The passenger must arrive 45 min. before the coach departure time. Boarding is closed 15 min. before the departure time.

The carrier can, on certain routes, apply a charge of CHF 2.- for check-in.

4. “Open” return tickets
The seat is reserved for the outward trip when the ticket is issued.

In the case of “open return” tickets the seat for the return trip must be reserved at least 5 days before the planned departure date. The reservation will be accepted according to seat availability. If the traveller reserved a seat for the return trip when thicket was issued, he is bound to confirm the date. Any modification to the trip plans must be notified as soon as possible and directly after the outward trip when the period separating the outward and return trips is more than 5 days. The carrier reserves the right to sell non-confirmed seats. Any ticket for which the departure date is  not duly indicated is not valid and will only be accepted if seats are available.

5. Fares & Reductions
The applicable fare is that in force on the day when the ticket is issued. It is only applicable if the outward and return tickets are paid in full before the start of the trip.

The fares presented in this catalogue are subject to modification. Since the fares and times may be frequently modified, the fares and the times indicated on the ticket are good evidence if there is any discrepancy with those indicated in public documents (printed timetables, this document included, on the Internet, etc.) In the case of doubt, we recommend that you contact us directly on 0900 57 37 47 (CHF 1.49/min.) or an approved ALSA+EGGMANN agency.

The carrier can make reductions for children, students, young people or seniors for travel on certain routes. If a reduction is applied, the sum will always be rounded off to the nearest whole number in CHF.

Each route’s fare conditions take precedence in the case of discrepancy with these CGT.

When the trip has started, the ticket for which a child fare has been paid can be used at the reduced rate within the limits of its validity, even if the child reaches the age limit after the start of the trip.

A free trip is granted as of 15 people travelling in one group for the entire trip (excluding accompanying persons). Please consult ALSA or Eggmann in the case of trip by a group of more than 15 people.

The student fare is only applicable for certain destinations and only upon presentation of the student card valid for the year in progress.

There are so called “high season” supplements charged for dates determined by the carrier for certain routes.

The reductions listed above do not apply to the “high season” supplements.

Coach station charges may also be applied according to the  place of departure or destination.

6. Cancellation & Refund
Any trip cancellation must be made at the agency where the ticket was made out. The firm acting as the service concession-holder has the right to withhold cancellation costs when refunding. The applicable rates are indicated in the “Processing Fees” document available at each ALSA EGGMANN approved agency.

The charges applied when the ticket is purchased are not refundable.

No modification can be made to the destination by the passenger’s intermediary.

Tickets  that have not been withdrawn/paid 3 days before departure are cancelled by ALSA or Eggmann if not otherwise agreed.

Cancellation fees:

More than 48 hours before departure time 25% of fees on the ticket price

48 hours to 24 hours before departure time 50% of fees on the ticket price

24 hours to 00 hours before departure time 100% of fees on the ticket price

Promotions tickets bought with promotion are not refundable

7. Luggage
Luggage must be labelled with the name of the passenger who will be requested to facilitate any verifications that could be carried out by the customs and police services.

In the case of loss, damage or theft of luggage transported in the coach luggage compartments or overhead racks, the passenger must inform the driver of the damage that has been caused and confirm this in writing to the terminal office within a maximum of 48 hours; this will be indicated on the itineraries sheet. The company accepts liability for loss and damage undergone in the conditions defined for each route. The amount of the damage must be proven by the passenger. The indemnity to be fixed, subject to justification, shall not exceed CHF 500.-.

Hand luggage shall be transported solely at the passenger’s risks.

It is prohibited to transport animals, cylinders, glass bottles, cardboard boxes, bikes and dangerous products.

The passenger is also bound to comply with the requirements relating to luggage laid down by the carrier.

8. Restrictions
Unaccompanied children under the age of 16 years cannot be transported.

National trips are prohibited.

According to article 34 of the PVG law of 2.10.1924, any person who may deeply shock by indecent or vulgar behaviour, incorrect or dirty clothing may be excluded from the trip. If, during the trip, it should happen that the above conditions apply to a passenger, the person is excluded from the trip at the next stop. The passenger is held liable for any damage of which he is guilty on or in the coach.

9. Administrative formalities
The passenger is bound to comply with the requirements of the countries concerned, relating to trips, arrival and departure documents and other requirements in the field, laid down by the customs, tax and other administrative authorities both in respect to himself personally and is checked-in luggage and hand luggage. The carrier assumes no liability in respect to the passenger who does not take these requirements into account.

10. Carrier’s liability
The carrier that issues a ticket for a trip served by another carrier only acts as a representative of an agency of the latter. As regards all-inclusive packages, the carrier only acts as a representative of a travel agency, hotel, restaurant , etc., and is not liable for any damage resulting from their services.

The carrier’s liability covers all bodily injury caused to the passenger from boarding the coach until leaving it, these two actions included, except for bodily injury caused by the passenger’s fault or by the special nature of the luggage or their packagings. Claims for loss or damage of luggage must be made by the passenger immediately upon arrival and confirmed in writing at the latest 10 days after the end of the trip.

Compensation in the case of damage caused to luggage checked in when the passenger has not declared its value shall not exceed an amount of 300 Swiss francs per piece of luggage and 500 Swiss francs passenger. The law applicable to the transport contract determines the conditions of payment of the indemnity. The carrier assumes no liability for hand luggage except if the passenger can prove that the carrier is responsible for the damage caused.

The carrier declines all liability for the damage caused by lateness, cancellation of a service or any missed connection with any other means of transport. As a result, it shall not bear the costs and other consequences that may result from this.

The law applicable to the transport contract determines the other cases where the carrier is released from its liability. The transport contact and the carrier’s civil liability are subject to the laws of the country of the carrier that has effectively executed the transport.

The carrier firm reserves the right to make all modifications judged necessary in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

11. Applicable law and court with jurisdiction
Only Swiss law is applicable in the legal relations between the passenger and ALSA or Eggmann.

Legal proceedings can only be brought against ALSA and Eggmann at their head office, Rue du Mont-Blanc 14, 1201 Geneva. The courts of the Canton of Geneva are the sole competent, without prejudice to any recourse before the Federal Court.