Política de Cumprimento Legal e Código Ético

At Eurolines, we’ve implemented an organisational culture based on normative compliance in every department, ensuring that the controls linked to the different departments are effective and reinforcing our Criminal Compliance Management System.

The Criminal Compliance Management System at Eurolines focuses on the following areas:

  • Identification of activities constituting a criminal risk.
  • Establishment of protocols and procedures needed to define and implement processes to mitigate the occurrence of crime.
  • Verification and evaluation of the compliance model.
  • Obligation to report any issue, complaint or non-compliance via the Eurolines Complaints Channel.
  • Raising awareness of the need to comply with applicable legislation and internal rules and procedures.

Our Ethical Code, which sets out the principles, values and conduct governing the company and required from all members of it, is presented below.

Ethical Code

Our Compliance Policy, which describes the objectives and principles underpinning Eurolines Criminal Compliance Management System and the roles and responsibilities involved, is also presented here.

Compliance Policy

Eurolines has a Compliance Committee, which is a collegial body tasked with ensuring the correct functioning of the Criminal Compliance Management System and is made up of executive staff with expertise in this area.